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We value our patients' experience at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic.

Our Doctors

  • "I love everyone at Eagle Vision and Eye Clinic. I had my first appointment today and the staff is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!"
    Amanda N
  • "I believe Eagle Vision is one of the best eye clinics around. After being told at a clinic in Louisville I was difficult to fit, I went to Monica, a fabulous optician, at Eagle Vision. This gal is amazing!! She is easy to work with, friendly and will find the best frames and fit you have ever had. If you have lenses that just don't seem quite right, go to Monica and Eagle Vision. You will find higher quality lens material and a highly skilled optician."
    Salli B
  • "Love Dr. Gina Gabriel! Not only is she always upbeat and pleasant to talk to, she is always thorough and knowledgeable. She diagnosed an issue with both of my children that other doctors had missed. Thank you for being a great doctor dedicated to the healthy vision of your patients!"
  • "Thanks for replacing my lenses. The new ones are much better. The staff is very professional. I'm very pleased with the new lenses."
    Frank P
  • "Dr. Forrest has been able to help my vision! I have better vision now with my new scleral contact lenses. I have many health issues, both with my eyes and Sjogrens, which affects the moisture in my eyes. These contacts are giving me my best vision in many years. They last longer than the other scleral lenses that I have tried and they are more comfortable. Thank you Dr Forrest and everyone at Eagle Vision."
  • "...I could not be more pleased with my Scleral contact lens that I have had now for the past 2 months. My vision had been slowly deteriorating in my left eye (with keratoconus) despite the best efforts of Dr. Forrest. It took me a year to finally take him up on his recommendation that I try a Scleral lens in my problematic left eye. My only regret is that I did not take his advice sooner!!!...Now I see great and comfortably all day...Thank you!!!"
  • "We were delighted with the results of Vision Therapy for our 11-year-old son. Through the diligence of Elizabeth and Carol working with him, encouraging him to keep up with his exercises, and making the appointments a positive experience for him, he was thrilled with the results that he was now reading at a 13-year-old level. It boosted his confidence greatly. We appreciate the friendly and professional appointments with Dr. Gabriel – our son looked forward to seeing her! Thank you!"
  • "We are grateful for the opportunity to do vision therapy to help heal our son’s eyes and make them stronger. Carol and Elizabeth were so helpful and positive. It’s not easy with a six year-old but the opportunity to have healthy eyes wasn’t an option. With perseverance we did it!"
  • "Vision Therapy made daily tasks of reading and schoolwork easier once he worked and trained his eye muscles to do what they were meant to do."
  • "After Vision Therapy, my son’s reading is much smoother, comes with less concentration/hardship…even reads beyond “time” if he’s enjoying the story…fewer letter reversals, fewer missed words and scanning over words or skipping lines when reading."
  • "I am writing to attest to an excellent experience the I had with Eagle vision & Eye Clinic.I traveled 550 miles to be fit for a scleral lens. Dr. Forrest was an excellent choice for me. He did seven day's work in three day's time, a real help. His staff is quite excellent as well...A Five Star rating for sure. Definitely my highest endorsement, and I am not easy to please."
    Robert S
  • "After Vision Therapy, my daughter has increased confidence and better spelling."
  • "When I found out I had keratoconus I thought my only options were hard contact lenses or cornea transplants. Hard contacts gave me clear vision but also substantial pain!! When Dr. Forrest introduced me to the Scleral Contact Lens I was skeptical of their large size, but the clarity of vision and comfort out did the hard contacts I was wearing. No longer do I worry about windy days or excruciating pain at the twitch of my eye...For anyone with cornea problems this is the solution."
    Andrea W
  • "After Vision Therapy, my daughter has great focusing ability, does not complain about blurry words, improved reading and confidence, and improvement in hand eye coordination."
  • "We are extremely pleased with Eagle Vision! We use Dr. Potter and she is excellent with our entire family. She helped our high-schooler get into contact lenses - a wonderful change - and she's also helping me get into contacts. They work well with our insurance and have good hours."
    Benjamin B.