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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Longmont, CO

One of the easiest ways to take care of your vision and eye health is with regular eye exams in Longmont, CO. Here at Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, we offer comprehensive eye and vision exams for your entire family. Our eye doctors are highly skilled in identifying vision loss, eye diseases, and other conditions that can affect your eye health. Before you come in for your annual exam, learn more about what to expect.

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Routine Eye Exams

Patients often get an eye and vision exam because they are having trouble seeing clearly or they have something wrong with their eye. However, by getting a routine exam we can help you avoid vision loss or eye diseases. An annual eye exam allows our eye doctor to identify areas of concern or changes in vision. This way we can proactively test or treat your eyes or vision during the early onset of a condition.

Types of Vision Exams

Our optometrist provides comprehensive eye exams to adults, as well as children and seniors. Specific types of exams we offer include vision screening, computer vision screening, contact lens exams, and LASIK evaluations. The types of eye exams needed for different age groups vary. For example, a patient who is in their senior years needs to be tested for age-related vision loss. In addition, seniors should get tested for age-related macular degeneration, which is most common in this age group. On the other hand, a child who is getting an eye exam will require a more gentle and time-sensitive approach. We understand children can be nervous or restless in the eye exam office, so we accommodate their needs.

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

During a comprehensive eye and vision exam, we conduct both vision tests and eye health tests. These may include visual acuity tests, color blindness testing, and depth perception tests. If you are a candidate for an eye condition or have been suffering from eye pain or vision loss, then we will also conduct specific testing for your needs. If you need contact lenses or eyeglasses, we will include testing to determine the prescription for your vision correction.

Contact Our Longmont Optometrist

We are glad that you are considering the Eagle Vision Eye Clinic for your Longmont, CO optometrist. Our team of eye doctors looks forward to providing you and your family with your next vision exams. Other services we offer include vision therapy, dry eye treatment, and computer vision treatment. We also specialize in hard to fit contacts, scleral lenses, Ortho-K, and cosmetic contacts. Contact our office today at (303) 651-2020 for more information and to schedule your vision exam.


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