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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated and Eye Care from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If you need an optometrist in the Longmont, CO area, Eagle Vision Eye Clinic can help. We want to make sure you're getting the eye care you need for the health of your eyes. Understanding any eye health or vision issues may make it easier for you to decide on the right course of treatment. By working with yan eye doctor, you can help get the best option for any help or support you need.

Get an Exam to Diagnose Your Eye Condtions

An eye exam is the first step toward treating any eye conditions you have. It all starts with a diagnosis, which can give you the information you need to move forward. You'll know what your options are, and that means you and your optometrist can decide which of those options will be the best one.

Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Other Disorders

If you or your child have issues with fixation, movement, and related concerns, we can treat those, too. We offer vision therapy options that can make it easier for you to develop better hand-eye coordination, or help train your eyes to overcome certain eye disorders. You don't have to struggle with these kinds of issues when you have us to help you find the right treatment.

Refractive Errors

Whether you're near-sighted, far-sighted, or have other vision issues, contact lenses may be the right choice. There's also LASIK eye surgery, which can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. An optometrist on our optometry team can determine whether LASIK is the right choice for you, or whether contact lenses may be a better option for your particular situation. We can help recommend you out to an eye surgeon for LASIK and help with co-management, including aftercare.

Computer Vision Support

A lot of people work with computers all day, and that can cause a lot of eye strain and discomfort. We can treat those conditions by offering computer vision support. There are ways to reduce any problems you're experiencing from looking at the computer for long periods of time.

Visit Us for an Eye Exam from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

If you're looking for a optometrist in the Longmont, CO, area, reach out to us today at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic. We're here to help treat your eye conditions, and make sure you're getting the help and support you need to make informed choices for the future. We are here to help you preserve your eye health. Call us at (303) 651-2020 for more information.

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