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Bifocal Contact Lenses

Why Our Optometrist May Suggest Bifocal Contact Lenses

The treatment that worked for your eyes when you were younger may gradually become less effective as you age. We at the Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic recognize that, and that’s why we make bifocal contact lenses available to our patients based in Longmont, CO.

Only some people are familiar with bifocal contact lenses. Even the individuals who can benefit the most from them may be unaware of that fact.

Do I need Bifocal Contact Lenses?

Similar to more conventional glasses and contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses are also used to correct a person’s vision. However, the type of correction they provide is not suitable for everyone. Unless an optometrist specifically recommends them, your bifocal contacts may worsen your vision instead of improve it.

We need to examine their design to understand why bifocal contacts work that way. Look closely at a pair of bifocal contacts, and you’ll notice they have two different prescription levels.

Bifocal contact lenses are designed that way because they are supposed to correct two different issues simultaneously. For example, one prescription may treat an old condition you have, like astigmatism or myopia, while the other addresses presbyopia, a condition that usually only affects older individuals.

You will need the two prescription treatments in bifocal lenses to see like usual. Wearing bifocal contact lenses is only necessary for those dealing with two different vision issues simultaneously. If you only have a single problem, regular prescription glasses or contacts should do you fine.

What Will an Optometrist Tell You about Bifocal Contact Lenses?

After prescribing bifocal contact lenses, you can expect our optometrist to provide words of caution regarding usage. Bifocal contacts don’t present any more risk than typical contact lenses, but it will take time to get used to them.

Early on, you may need help seeing the bifocal lenses correctly. You may also experience some mild discomfort. Once you get used to them, the bifocal contacts should present no issues.

Get Your Pair of Bifocal Contact Lenses Today

Come for an eye exam at the Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic in Longmont, CO, and we’ll check if you need bifocal contact lenses. We offer bifocal contacts to all residents, so drop by if you’re interested in getting a pair. Contact our office at (303) 651-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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