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Kids Sunglasses

Kids in Colorado need sunglasses, and their first pair should be prescribed by an eye doctor after their annual eye exam. Here are three things our optometrists at Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic in Longmont want you to know about sunglasses for your teens and preteens. 

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Sunglasses Keep Your Children Safe

Colorado is a great place for fun in the sun, and due to our state's average elevation of 6,080 feet above sea level, we receive 20% more UV radiation when the sun is shining compared to when your children are enjoying time at sea level on a beach.

A small amount of UV exposure from outdoor activities doesn't usually cause immediate vision problems. However, over time, a lifelong habit of not using sunglasses puts your children at risk of developing cataracts, which can cause blurry and fuzzy vision with a significant reduction in color perception. Years of UV exposure also increase the risk of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the eyelid.

It's important to ensure that your children wear sunglasses with built-in UV protection. Regular sunglasses can actually worsen damage from UV rays! Regular sunglasses transmit less light, causing the pupil to open wider and allow more light, including UV light, into the eye. Ordinary sunglasses are not sufficient. UV protection alone is not enough.

Polarized Sunglasses Prevent Accidents

Children need polarized sunglasses. Flat surfaces such as water or city streets reflect bright light in all directions. Polarizing lenses transmit light in only one direction, either horizontal or vertical. By polarizing light, glare is eliminated, allowing your children to see a ball, a fish swimming in a stream, or a car approaching them before crossing a street. With the right sunglasses prescribed by your eye doctor, your children will perform better in outdoor sports and appreciate more of Colorado's natural beauty.

Regular Eye Exams Help Your Child Get a Better Start in Life

Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic in Longmont offers a great selection of UV-protective, polarized sunglasses in cool styles and attractive colors. Remember to schedule your child's eye exam with us at least once a year. Timely detection and correction of common vision problems help your child thrive in school and enjoy life to the fullest. Every child should have an annual eye exam with the eye doctor starting at six months of age through their teenage years.

Schedule Your Child's Next Eye Exam

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