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Blurry Vision Treatment

It can be concerning to experience blurry vision for the first time. It can leave you wondering whether your blurry vision is caused by something serious, if your eyesight will ever get back to normal, and wondering what your best treatment options are. It's important to get help from an optometrist if you now notice you're suffering from the effects of blurry vision. An optometrist on our team can help determine the proper course of treatment and help you start seeing clearly again.

At Eagle Vision Eye Clinic in Longmont, CO, we're on a mission to help our patients see clearly and be free of blurry vision. If you're not suffering from this vision disorder, call us to schedule an appointment and get help from an optometrist at our eye clinic.

Blurry vision

What Causes Blurry Vision?

Blurry vision can be caused by something as simple as staring at a computer screen too long, rubbing your eyes excessively, or even because of seasonal allergies. However, there are certain eye diseases and vision disorders that can also lead to blurry vision. Refractive errors of that eye can lead to blurry vision. These are vision disorders in which the cornea or lens of the eye does not have the proper shape.

This makes it difficult for the retina of the eye to focus light clearly and produce a clear image. Vision disorders such as astigmatism, myopia also known as nearsightedness, and hyperopia also known as farsightedness, are refractive errors. In addition, eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy can all lead to blurry vision.

Because there are so many causes of blurry vision, it can be important that you visit an optometrist who can rule out serious eye diseases or even injuries that can lead to blurry vision. 

How Does an Optometrist Help?

An optometrist on our team will conduct an eye exam where they take a deeper look inside the structure of your eye. He or she will also conduct vision tests to determine if you're suffering from a pre-existing vision disorder or whether any eye diseases are now manifesting or progressing.

He or she can then use the treatment such as prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, to help restore your vision. In other cases, surgery and medications such as eye drops might be recommended to help restore your vision.

Help Find Relief from Blurry Vision with an Optometrist on Our Team

Call us at (303) 651-2020 to schedule an appointment at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic serving Longmont, CO, and see how an optometrist on our team can help you see clearly.

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