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Contact Lens Exams

For anyone in the Longmont, CO, area who's considering contact lenses, getting an eye exam is the first step. But it can't be just a typical exam. You need a contact lens exam, which will examine the corneas of your eyes and ensure that you can wear contact lenses comfortably. Most people can, but some need more specialized lenses due to corneal irregularities such as astigmatism or other problems. By contacting us at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic, you can get the help and information you need about contact lenses.

Contact Lens Exam

It All Starts with an Eye Exam

When you work with an eye doctor for contact lenses, you'll have an exam first. This exam offers the same vision-based information as a typical exam for eyeglasses. You'll look at charts, and through glass pieces, to tell the optometrist which of two options is clearer, or read specific lines of text. Then, after all the basic exam information about your eyes has been completed, you'll also have an examination of your corneal surfaces. This gives your eye doctor much-needed information about the shape of your eyes.

Your Eye Doctor Can Make Suggestions

Once your exam is complete, you can talk with the optometrist about options. For most people, wearing contact lenses isn't a problem. There is, however, a small subset of the population that can't comfortably wear soft contacts. Also, many people fall into an in-between area, where they have corneas that are irregular, but that can still work with contact lenses such as scleral lenses or rigid gas-permeable options. Our optometrist can explain the differences to you, and help you decide on the best option for your eyes.

Working with a Trusted Optometrist Matters

You want to be sure you're working with an optometrist you can trust and feel good about. Many people have been told they can't wear contact lenses, when they actually can. Some have also been fitted with lenses that don't work for the shape of their corneas. A good eye exam can help reduce the risk of those kinds of problems, but it's not a guarantee. When you work with our trusted eye doctor, though, you don't need to worry about whether their suggestions for contact lenses will be the right ones.

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If you're in the Longmont, CO, area, contact us at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic today. We know how important it is for you to see clearly, and we're dedicated to protecting your eye health. With a comprehensive eye exam, we can give you the information you need to get the right kind of contact lenses for vision and comfort.

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