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Whether you need prescription sunglasses or want high-quality, anti-glare ones, you can find them at Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, serving Longmont and the nearby region. We offer a variety of styles and would like to shed some light on everything we provide as well as why you should wear sunglasses.


Why Buy Sunglasses?

If you drive, you've probably been in a predicament once or twice when you couldn't see the road because of the glare. Sunglasses can prevent these dangerous moments from occurring. The same applies if you like to go skiing or partake in any other hobby where glare could pose a problem.

Besides the sheer purpose of reducing glare, you're also protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, which are known to cause cancer. Sunglasses, especially when you buy a prescription pair designed to block UV rays, can protect your eyes and the surrounding tissue from the sun.

Did we mention that sunglasses are stylish? They're an accessory nowadays. Check out popular stores. They may carry an assortment of sunglasses because protecting your eyes never goes out of style. Fortunately, when you visit us, you can find a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Prescription Lenses

Let's say you want sunglasses to protect your eyes, but you either have a vision deficit or suspect you might have one. Either way, our optometrist can provide you with an eye exam and determine if this is the case and to what extent. You may even discover you need a prescription. Our eye doctor can then use this information to get you prescription sunglasses so you can see clearly, reduce glare, and protect against one type of cancer.

Options for Sunglasses

Fortunately, once you visit our eye doctor, undergo the necessary eye exam, and figure out if you need prescription sunglasses or not, your next step is to find the glasses you want. We have an assortment to choose from in terms of style, including large-framed ones. We also offer a variety of brands and even provide you with options specifically made for reducing glare.

If this seems overwhelming, having so many choices, our eye doctor can make it slightly easier for you. While you don't have to purchase a pair that fits and complements your face, our optometrist can guide you toward pairs that do.

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Are you looking for an eye doctor near me? Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, serving Longmont and the general vicinity, provides high-quality sunglasses. You can find a pair you love and are happy to showcase with any outfit. You may also find ones for specific activities, such as anti-glare ones for snow sports. Book an appointment today to discover all the options we provide by dialing 303-651-2020.

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