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Synergeyes Contact Lenses in Longmont, CO

Soft contact lenses are popular for their comfortableness and easy to wear attribute. However, they cannot deliver the sharp vision that gas permeable (GP) hard lenses can. GP lenses can be more difficult to adjust to wearing and smaller lenses causing users to have trouble popping them out. Synergeyes are hybrid lenses that provide the best of both options in a single lens.

Woman excited for her new pair of Synergeyes.

What Hybrid Lenses Are

Hybrid contact lenses are designed with a gas permeable, hard center portion and a softer 'skirt' around the edges. The skirt is the part that rests on the eye, which is why they are similar in comfort level to soft contacts for most people. The GP center is rigid and helps retain the best possible vision.

Conditions like keratoconus and astigmatism may be best treated with hybrid lenses. Both of these conditions involve irregularities in the shape of the eye's surface, which is hard to correct with soft contacts. When a person is wearing soft contacts, the lens conforms to the shape of their eye, which makes them comfortable but not as good for correcting vision problems associated with the shape of the cornea.

Benefits of Hybrid Lenses

Unlike soft lenses, GP lenses retain their shape in the eye. However, they have some downsides. This is where hybrid contact lenses enter the picture as the best of both worlds:

  • Comfortable
  • Less risk of popping out
  • Sharp, clear vision
  • Corrects for corneal abnormalities
  • Allows for good tear dispersion
  • Low risk of debris getting behind the lens

People who cannot wear contact lenses at all, as well as those who are merely a little less than satisfied with their current pair, can benefit from hybrid lenses. No one should assume that they cannot wear contact lenses until they have had a thorough evaluation from a provider of hard-to-fit contact lenses.

Fitting Synergeyes Lenses

The main downside of hybrid lenses is that they take a bit more time and expertise to fit. However, they can allow people who were never able to wear contact before to ditch their glasses, so many people find the fitting worthwhile. If you are looking for an optometrist to fit you for Synergeyes hybrid lenses in Longmont, call Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic today.

Synergeyes in Longmont

Here in Longmont, Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, P.C., can assist you in finding the right kind of contact lenses. Hybrid lenses from Synergeyes are right for many people, but there are other types of lenses available as well if we feel that you would do better with them.

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