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Dry Eye And How To Manage It

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Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment In Longmont, CO

If you deal with dry eye syndrome, you know that this condition can cause pain and can make it hard to complete everyday tasks, such as focusing on a computer at work. Many people deal with dry eyes from time to time, but if it's a persistent problem for you, it's time to speak with an eye doctor about how to eliminate the problem. At Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, P.C. in Longmont, CO, our optometry specialists are experienced in treating dry eye syndrome.

Causes And Treatments Of Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is caused by a lack of natural tears on the eye's surface, which can result in pain and irritation. There are three main causes of dry eye syndrome- keratitis sicca (inflammation and dryness of the cornea), keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dryness of the conjunctiva and the cornea), and dysfunctional tear syndrome (inadequate quality or quantity of tears). While these conditions can sound scary, they are easily treated in the office with an optometrist. Treatment plans can take a variety of forms, and may include over the counter and/ or prescription drops, or simple in-office procedures to help your eyes produce more tears naturally.

Why Eye Exams Matter

While it can be tempting to simply treat your dry eyes with over the counter drops, it's important that you address your eye concerns at your yearly eye exam. If left untreated, dry eye issues can cause the cornea to become scratched, creating damage and pain. Our optometrist will be able to devise a treatment plan that makes sense for your lifestyle and eyes.

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Ready to put an end to your dry eye symptoms? Call our Longmont, CO optometry office, Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, P.C., at 303-651-2020. Our optometrists are experienced with treating dry eye and can help you live a more comfortable life. We accept a variety of insurance plans. We look forward to working with you!