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Signs of Computer Vision

You Could Have Computer Vision Syndrome and Not Realize It

If you spend a lot of time looking at computer, tablet, and smartphone screens, you could have computer vision syndrome and not realize it. All digital screens give off a lot of blue light, which can have adverse effects on your health over time. Stare into a screen for long enough, and you can develop this syndrome, which seems to mimic other eye conditions. If you think you have computer vision syndrome, Eagle Vision Eye Clinic in Longmont, CO, can help.

Computers, Blue Light, and You

If you're one of the few computer users who's never heard of the adverse effects of blue light, it is a part of the visible light spectrum. Blue light causes your body to react in ways that may not help you if you're constantly exposed to it. It can wake you up, which is bad when it's 2 a.m. and you want to sleep. It can also cause eye strain. Over time, the effects blue light has on your eyes can snowball into blurry vision, itchy eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, and more.

It's easy to dismiss these symptoms as eye allergies. Unfortunately, antihistamines and other over-the-counter allergy medicines will do nothing to reduce the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Instead, you need eyeglasses that will block that blue light. Our eye doctor can give you an eye exam to evaluate you for computer vision syndrome.

Don't Assume It's Just Allergies

Eagle Vision Eye Clinic in Longmont, CO, has appointments available for eye evaluations with our optometrist. Call us at (303) 651-2020 today to schedule your appointment. Computer vision syndrome is annoying to have and indicates that your eyes are absorbing too much blue light. With a prescription pair of computer glasses, you'll feel a lot better.