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Eyecare for Children with Learning Disabilities

Eyecare for Children with Learning Disabilities

Even when your child has 20/20 vision, there is still a possibility of vision problems that lead to unsatisfactory learning progress. At Eagle Vision Eye Care, our optometrist has years of experience providing residents of Longmont, CO, with pediatric eye care.  

Learning Disability vs Vision Problems

A child with an undetected and untreated vision problem may be misdiagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or a learning disability when the real problem is they don't see well. Untreated pediatric eyecare problems will slow down your child's progress in school. One of the most common issues is convergence insufficiency, which is the inability to get the eyes to work together for reading. About 1 child in 4 suffers some vision-related learning problem.

Symptoms of Pediatric Vision Problems

Sometimes there are very strong signals that a child's problems in school are related to a vision problem. Here are some common symptoms you need to follow up on with your pediatric optometrist:

  • Complaints of blurry vision or headaches after reading.
  • Inability to see a ball on the playing field.
  • Double vision after reading.
  • Writing letters or words backward.
  • Your child avoids reading, is easily distracted while reading, or doesn't seem to comprehend reading passages.

Any time a child has trouble learning at school, a visit to the optometrist is a good idea.

Correcting Eye Issues

When vision problems interfere with your child's schoolwork, glasses are not always the answer. Our optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to find out exactly what your child's vision issues are, and then prescribe appropriate treatment. The good news is that vision problems of elementary school-aged children often go away for good following appropriate treatment.

Optometrist in Longmont, CO

For more information on learning disabilities, pediatric eye care, or to schedule an appointment, call Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic at (303) 651-2020.