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Eye Tracking Problems

Eagle Vision Eye Clinic Optometrist in Longmont CO Specializes in Vision Therapy

Normal eye tracking is important. In a person with normal, healthy vision, the eyes move and track visual targets smoothly, quickly, and accurately. Eye tracking is an important element in the following visual skills:

  • tracking moving objects where interacting with the environment requires accurate eye movements; e.g., watching a tennis match
  • scanning the environment to gather information when accurate and rapid eye movements are required
  • accurately focusing the eyes when jumping from object to object—i.e., saccadic eye movement)
  • directing the hand in eye-hand coordination

Signs of Eye Tracking Problems Include the Following:

  • losing your place or skipping lines while reading
  • fatigue or drowsiness after short periods of reading
  • confusing or misinterpreting words as the eyes skip around the page
  • having to use a marker or finger to aid during reading
  • moving the head excessively during writing, reading, or close work
  • poor reading comprehension
  • seemingly careless errors during close work
  • attention or other behavior problems, especially during reading or other close work

20-20 vision does not mean you don’t have eye tracking problems. Standard eye exams do not detect eye movement and tracking problems. You can pass a 20-20 eye exam and still have undetected eye tracking problems. 

Treating Eye Tracking Problems

Eye tracking problems, including saccadic deficiencies, can be treated with vision therapy at any age. Our optometrist diagnoses eye tracking or ocular motor dysfunction using a variety of tests. For example, while holding your head still you will be instructed to visually follow an object. You might have trouble with quick back-and-forth eye movements following objects and need to move your head. 

Children Won’t Outgrow Eye Tracking Problems

Eye tracking skills are very important. If a child has eye tracking problems that go unaddressed, they might experience serious setbacks in the classroom and elsewhere. If a child has a delay in developing eye tracking skills, they will not outgrow their eye tracking problems.  Fortunately, eye muscles, like any other muscle in the body, can be strengthened through exercise. Vision therapy at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic can get your child back on track. 

Let Eagle Vision Eye Clinic Help 

If you suspect you have eye tracking problems and are in the need of vision therapy, Eagle Vision 

Eye Clinic will work with you to address the problem. Our optometrist has years of vision therapy experience and is proud to serve Longmont, CO, and the surrounding area. Make an appointment online or call us today at 303-651-2020