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Vision Issues Effects on Children

Vision Issues and Their Effects on Your Child: How Pediatric Eyecare Can Help

Your child’s vision affects more than just their ability to see properly. It can lead to issues at school and elsewhere in life as well, but timely vision therapy can help. If you are looking for an experienced optometrist in Longmont CO, Eagle Vision and Eye Clinic has you covered.

How Vision Problems Impact Your Child’s Life

If a child’s vision is suffering, it is highly likely that their performance at school is too. A child who can’t see properly may experience reading problems or trouble comprehending crucial course material. Also, vision problems can easily coexist with and contribute to learning disabilities. If left unaddressed and untreated, problems seeing properly can eventually affect the development of the child’s personality and self-esteem.

Signs Your Child May Have a Vision Problem

Many vision issues in children are discovered during routine vision screenings at school, but you may have already noticed signs that something isn’t quite right. Your child could need vision therapy if they:

  • Sit too close to the television or hold reading material too close.
  • Frequently squint, tilt their head, rub their eyes, or close one eye when trying to see better.
  • Use their fingers when reading to guide their eyes and avoid losing their place.
  • Avoid activities that require good near or far vision (e.g. reading or sports).

Comprehensive Pediatric Eyecare Is a Must

Routine vision screenings via the school nurse can help detect reading problems or vision issues that could be contributing to learning disabilities. However, they shouldn’t be considered a substitute for regular visits to an eye care clinic. (School-age children with no know vision issues should see a vision specialist every two years, but those who require vision therapy or corrective eyewear should come in every year instead.)

If you are looking for an experienced optometrist in Longmont CO, Eagle Vision and Eye Clinic can help your child get back to living their best life. Call to schedule your appointment today!