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Sports Vision FAQs

Sports Vision FAQs 

Good vision is important to everyone, but particularly to athletes. If you play professional or semi-professional sports, you probably have a keen interest in sports vision. These frequently asked questions and answers from Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic in Longmont explain more about sports vision and how it can enhance your athletic performance.

What Is Sports Vision?

When talking about sports vision, most eye care specialists are referring to the type of vision sports players need to excel in their field. Sports vision is comprised of such skills as visual acuity, depth perception, eye tracking, eye-hand coordination, and more. Through sports vision training, athletes can fine-tune these skills to optimize their performance.

What’s The First Step to Improving Sports Vision?

The first step towards improving sports vision is to take several sports vision tests. These eye care tests are more in-depth than a conventional eye exam, and the results of these tests will enable your Longmont optometrist to determine what optical equipment or training you need to improve your sports vision skills.

What Does Sports Vision Training Entail?

At Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic, we use sports vision training to optimize the following visual skills for sports play:

  • Contrast Sensitivity: Your ability to distinguish between light and dark
  • Eye-Tracking: How well you can follow moving objects
  • Ocular Alignment: Determining if your eyes can work well together
  • Depth Perception: Your ability to perceive the distance of objects in your field of vision
  • Visual Processing: The ability to distinguish and react quickly to activities around you
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: How well your eyes and hands work together in an activity

Many of these skills can be improved through visual exercises and training. Depending on your baseline skills, we may recommend special eyewear or other optical gear to enhance your visual abilities.

How Important Is Sports Vision To Athletes?

By optimizing your sports vision skills, you can greatly improve your game, giving you an edge over your competition. Also, the better your visual skills, the more valuable you will be to your team.

See Your Longmont Optometry Specialist for Sports Vision Training

Whether you’re a professional athlete or play for your company sports team, you can benefit from sports vision. To schedule an appointment for sports vision testing or training, contact Eagle Vision & Eye Clinic in Longmont at 303-651-2020 today. We’re here to meet all your optometry care needs.