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Pediatric Eye Exams

Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams 

Caring for your eyes is extremely important, as it can help to ensure that you have healthy eyes and good vision for the rest of your life. While all adults need to come in for an optometry appointment on a regular basis, it is also important for kids to come in for regular exams as well. There are several reasons why pediatric eye care is important for children of all ages.

Ensuring Healthy Eyes

One of the reasons why pediatric eye care is so important is that it can help to ensure that your child's eyes are healthy. Similar to adults, there are a variety of eye diseases that can impact the vision and eye health of a child. If these go unnoticed or untreated, the impact of these diseases can be significant. In some extreme situations, they can even cause blindness. Due to this, coming to an optometry practice for pediatric eyecare is important as it will ensure that you are able to catch these eye diseases before they become too serious.

Allows for Vision Testing and Correction

Another advantage of going to an optometry practice for pediatric eyecare is that it will provide your child with vision testing. Having a poor vision can affect a child's life in many different ways. Not only can it make it harder to see in school, but it can also impact athletic performance and cause eye strain headaches. When you have your children come in for eye exams, they can receive a vision test. If necessary, they can receive glasses to help improve their vision and reduce the negative outcomes associated with poor vision.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

Having your child's vision tested is clearly very important. When you are in need of eye exams, seeing an optometrist in Longmont, CO, that works with kids is very important and beneficial. Give us a call at Eagle Vision Eye Clinic to schedule a pediatric eye exam for your child. You can be assured that your kids will receive the eye care and attention that they need.