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Tips for Sports Vision Safety

At Eagle Vision Eye Clinic, our optometry professionals can help with all of your sports vision concerns. People in Longmont play hard and that means that eye safety is more important than ever. Here are tips for keeping your eyes safe while enjoying your favorite sports.

Understand the Optometry of Sports

The science of optometry can help with Sports Vision. It’s important to keep eye care in mind whether you are a professional or recreational sports fan. Optometry has made some important advancements for sports including specialized goggles and sunglasses. 

Eye Care Equipment and Sports

Specialty equipment like goggles and sunglasses help with sports eye care. These can be made to fit prescriptions so your eyes will be protected while you’re seeing at your best. Remember that other safety gear like helmets can also help protect your eyes.

Common Sports Vision Injuries

Some sports have a higher risk of Sports Vision injuries than others. These include:

  • Basketball - Risk of blunt trauma to the eye 
  • Martial Arts - Combative sports have a risk of accidentally striking the eye
  • Skiing and Outdoor Sports - Unlike with indoor sports, outdoor sports are unable to fully control their setting and protruding objects are a greater risk

Keep Safety in Mind

Having safety in mind can help keep your eyes protected. Eye injuries are often compounded by other hazardous behaviors. Playing sports without safety gear, in adverse conditions, or during other hazards only makes the risk of eye injury higher. 

In Colorado, the risk of sunburn is high, and we are unable to get sunscreen close enough to the eye. Sunglasses will not only protect the sensitive skin around the eye, but they will also protect the eye itself from harmful UV rays.

Talk to Your Eye Care Doctor

Your optometry expert can help you come up with a plan to keep your eyes safe. They can help with everything from prescription sports goggles to general advice on how to play it safe. 

Contact Us

Our Eagle Vision Eye Clinic in Longmont has all the expertise you need to keep your eyes safe. Give us a call or stop in today for more information.